Herbarium, is a voluntary collection of dried plant specimens mounted on sheets of paper. The plants are usually collected in situ (e.g., where they were growing in nature), identified by our experts, pressed, and then carefully mounted to archival paper in such a way that all major morphological characteristics are visible (i.e., both sides of the leaves and the floral structures). The mounted plants are labelled with their proper scientific names, the name of the collector, and, usually, information about where they were collected and how they grew and general observations. The specimens are commonly filed in cases according to families and genera and are available for ready reference. Herbaria are the “dictionaries” of the plant kingdom and provide comparative material that is indispensable for studies in plant taxonomy and systematics. Given that nearly every plant species has a dried “type specimen” on which its description and Latin name are based, taxonomic disputes are commonly resolved by referencing type specimens in herbaria. The collections are also essential to the proper naming of unknown plants and to the identification of new species.

  - We have more than 300 plant specimens

  - We are still working for collecting the newer species in turkey and preparing Herbarium.